Mini-Truck Racing
The Beginning
This page is for the build-up of our mini-truck and dirt track racing adventure.


      Now I have very little dirt tracking experience so this should be pretty interesting. There is already another guy who has started a truck and he has plans on building a few more. We are seeing some interest in this new class and am hoping once the word gets out there will be more built. Our main objective with this class is to have fun, not spend a ton of money, and put on a good show. If you think you might be interested please get in touch with me.   Larry
7-16-03--We headed for the owners house Sunday morning to get the truck. The truck is pretty rough, but like anything else it can be fixed. Mechanically, he said he thought the head gasket was blown, but it had a new radiator and battery in it.Here are some before photos.
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7-22-03--Here are some pics after the truck was gutted. It's not in too bad of shape. The right side rocker panel is pretty bad, but I think we can work around it. It will get a new right door skin and probably a right fender as well.
7-24-03--I finally got the motor on the engine stand and tore down. Doesn't look the greatest, but I think we can manage. The head gasket was definetly blown. Take a look at the cylinder walls and the valves in the head. Yes, that is rust!!. Looks mostly like surface rust, I think the machine shop can clean it up just fine. I still havent taken the motor to the machine shop, I need to do it this week(8-24-03)
8-5-03--The fuel cell mount is done and welded into the bed.
The Track:
Texoma Motor Speedway
Wichita Falls, Texas
If you are interested in building a mini truck, email me and let me know. This is a new class and we are seeing some interest.
e-mail me
8-24-03-- The main 4 point is welded and in the truck. Pictures are from several different views. Bill decided to do this cage a little different than what we have done in the past. We pretty much tacked the whole thing in place in the truck, then cut a few tack welds here and there and removed the cage in 2 pieces. That way he could weld up everything outside the truck. Once he was done welding, he slipped it back in and welded it to the frame. Tomorrow nite the plan is to work on the motor loop.
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The track website will have the rules posted soon also.
8-27-03-- The front motor loop is in, front fenders back on, and the rear loop is bent. We should have all the rear loop supports cut and welded up in the next few days. I have been talking to the machine shop for the past few days and decisions have been made on the cam and valve train and should get it ordered tomorrow. Ordered a Hedman Header and some ARP bolt kits from Summit yesterday. Also got a phone call from a friend of mine today and we should be getting a usable passenger door in the morning.  I should have some updated photos in the next few days. check back soon!!!
A BIG THANKS to a few friends helping us out on this Project.
Cullar Auto and Truck, Wichita Falls, Tx
Atex Auto Recyclers, Wichita Falls, Tx
Proformance Machine Shop, Wichita Falls, Tx
and Ron Clark for the truck
If you would like to help sponsor this truck, please let me know

8-28-03 I was able to order the cam and valve springs today. Actually they are having a September sale on cams so I also got an adjustable cam gear with it. I went ahead and bought the timing chain conversion kit as well, going from a single to a double chain. I wasnt planning on spending the money but I figure it's a pay me now or pay me later deal. Once the stuff arrives I'm gonna head to the machine shop with the motor.
8-31-03 I did get some more pictures today. The truck is coming real well and alot faster than I had planned. The front and rear loops are 99% complete and we plan on starting the door bars tomorrow. I did get a pass. door and have already cut it down to the skin. On the pass. side we plan on tack welding it to the fender and cab so we have an idea on where to set the door bars. So far we are real happy with the way this roll cage is going in. The first set of pics is the front loop and the second set the rear loop.
9-1-03 Today we got the passenger and drivers door bars almost complete. Bill is going to finish up the supports for the drivers side tomorrow.
9-6-03 We have taken a few days off on the truck, mainly due to my son's football practices. I have received all the parts that were ordered, timing chain kit, cam and all the valvetrain, header and ARP bolt kits. We should be able to finish up the cage in the next few days. I'm not really sure what will be worked on next, I really need to get this motor to the machine shop and get the powertrain stuff going. Hopefully our final drive will be close, weve done the figuring, just waiting to hear what some other guys think about it.

  9-12-03 Jus a short note--- The motor is finally at the machine shop, was told to give him about a week to get it going and we will go from there. The cage is pretty much done and the doors have been welded on. Bill has started messing with the body and covering holes. We are really starting to like the looks of this truck, It is coming along alot better then we first thought. I will get some more photos shortly....

  2-8-04 Nothing new to really report but that we have moved the truck over into my shop while we get Hunter's kart ready for his race season. I havent checked on the truck motor in awhile, but Im sure its ready. I am going to head over to the machine shop the first part of this week to hopefully pick it up.
      I did finally get the motor back and everything looks pretty good. It did get bored .020 over and everything is fresh and new. While Bill is working on Hunter's kart I will start putting the truck motor together. I will take photos as it goes together and will hopefully have them posted on here shortly...
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The motor is going together slowly, photo below
3-8-04 Just a quick note on our progress. We have gotten the truck back in the main shop. The framing for the bed cover is complete, just need to put the sheet metal on. We have figured out where some brackets need to be placed for various things. Steering components have been picked up and should be in this weekend. We had a problem with the master cylinder mounting, I think its resolved now, but we will see. Motor is 90% together, Camshaft is degreed in, still need to adjust valves though. I am hoping to have the truck out on the track within a months time. Im ready!!! The track has been running for a few weeks now, and the Mini Sprints are flying.  A friend of mine bought a Mini Sprint so I have been helping him out too on Saturday nights, hopefully learning a little bit. I will get some pics posted on our progress soon.